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The design of ACSC emblem is based on the university's. The  concept is to uphold and abide by our values, motto and spirit for fulfilling military expertise and exploring the infinity of the universe.
National Emblem:  
ACSC is an important PME institution in the Republic of China.
Golden Spikes of Grain:
Golden spikes of grain shows the Chinese people founded the country on agriculture. Our culture can trace back to thousands of years and it will be continuously lasting. The golden color illustrates that the college develops excellent officers. 
Tai-Chi symbol contains a meaning of reciprocation for eternity, a part of Confucianism, and it is also consistent with historical heritage of NDU. It has  connotations of balance, flexibility and harmonization. The symbol is divided into two equal fish-like portions with one shaded (Yin) and the second unshaded (Yang). In each portion, there is a point with contrasted color which means  the concept of inclusiveness.
It represents our educational objective which is to cultivate  abilities of command and leadership, and the development of generalship.
Vertical Bamboo Flute:
The vertical bamboo flute with five nodes stands for the training of qualified staff,  staff responsibilities and coordination, and unified tactical terminology.